Longer Tour to Kolbeinsdalur

15.06-20.06.2022, 3 free places.

25.06-29.06.2022, This trip is booked up.

01.07-06.07.2022, This trip is booked up.

18.07-23.07.2022, This trip is booked up.

09.08-14.08.2022, This trip is booked up.

We will have a ride to the black beach, in which you can get to know the horses and we will teach you the icelandic way of riding. The next day we are going to ride with a free herd from our farm to Fjall, a little house in Kolbeinsdalur, where "the wild horses" live over summertime. There is the opportunity to take a shower or go to the swimmingpool. Enjoy the view on our adventurously tour to the Heljadalsheiði (mountain trail).

For more information take a look at our flyer: